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Written by: Tracey Bourdon

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and a slow December just around the corner, you can’t wait to just get through to January, right? Wrong!

This year definitely looks different for everyone. Now more than ever you need cost effective and successful holiday marketing. With a little planning, you can achieve a great return on investment and position your club for a promising new year.

The following is a Top 10 summary of things your club can be doing to engage and retain your new and current members during the holidays (even during a pandemic).

Top 10 Tips for Making Money This Holiday Season

  1. Initiate a workout challenge for the month of December. Every member who completes 25 workouts in the club or virtual classes will be entered into a drawing to win a prize. Choose something that doesn’t cost a lot like a free month for them or a friend, a personal training package, small group training, etc.
  2. Make gift giving easy for your members and prospects alike by offering online shopping for gift cards and gift packages. Gift ideas to offer include pro shop items, training, tanning, short and long term memberships, your January 6-week fitness challenge, etc. Think about price points to suit everyone on a gift giving list. Everything from a stocking stuffer of a $25 one month membership, one month of unlimited small group training, up to six months of personal training. Go big on this one. Decorate your club with bags and tissue – believe us, the returns are huge. Get internal signage up in your club, update your website and push on social media by November 23rd. Consumers will be shopping early this year due to shipping delays caused by Covid. Get in front of them before Amazon does!
  3. Your marketing can perform triple duty! Send a holiday greeting, a thank you for being a member and trusting you with their fitness goals, and provide your members something of value, like a one week virtual or in-club membership or free training sessions for a friend in December. You’ll get fresh new leads and your members will appreciate the thank you and motivation of working out with a friend.
  4. Organize a special outdoor and virtual option Pre-Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve workout. Get festive!
  5. This holiday season make your club part of the solution! Align your club with a charity or community effort and get your members involved with a great cause. You’ll provide them an empowering opportunity to “give back” through their participation. It offers great visibility for your club and instills a sense of pride for your member. A charity fundraiser helps develop strong community ties and positive corporate relationships. Check out our 10 for $10 campaign.
  6. Plan ahead! Planning always makes your marketing efforts less stressful and more successful.
  7. Use landing pages and lead capture forms in conjunction with any of your marketing initiatives. This will allow you to track the success of your campaigns and capture any leads who don’t end up coming into your club.
  8. Share members’ success stories and experience in your club with your membership. Be outstanding. Show apprehensive members and prospects that they too can work out safely in your club and enjoy the benefits of exercise. Short videos posted on social media and your website work great.
  9. Don’t discount. Add value to your offers such as including your virtual fitness membership as part of a regular membership or small group training sessions when they join. This supports your PT department and ensures your new members get the support they need right away, therefore, making them stay longer.
  10. Plan a 6 to 8 week Fat Loss Challenge, which would start mid-January. Offer it to members and prospects and help them get the year started on the right foot. Create an interactive Facebook page for your fat loss challenge where participants can share successes. Post healthy recipes, workout tips and reminders for weigh ins and workouts. Post a video interview of your challenge winner and participants’ experience.

BONUS TIP! SHARE. Share your passion for life, health and fitness with your members. You have no idea how contagious your energy will be and you’ll have a lot more FUN while you’re at it.

(Tracey Bourdon is the Head Marketing Coach at Susan K. Bailey Marketing & Design (Skbailey).  Skbailey provides effective marketing that demonstrates the benefits that joining a health club brings to life, offering original, market-tested promotions as part of an overall comprehensive approach to marketing.  For more information, visit Tracey can be reached by phone at 888.349.4594, extension 795004 or email at