How the GymSales Dialer Can Help Personalize Your Sales Process


Since the pandemic gyms haven’t had as many walk-ins. It has become increasingly important to streamline member acquisition and maximize success with inbound leads. A great way to accomplish this is with the tools in GymSales.


A number of useful tools are built into the GymSales infrastructure that help with automating and personalizing the sales process to capture, nurture and convert leads into members. One of these is the GymSales Dialer, a native dialer built into the lead management tool that allows your sales team to make calls to leads without leaving the software.


The native dialer helps remove a barrier to communication by making it unnecessary to pick up a phone and make sales calls. As your sales team moves through their lead list, they can simply make follow-up calls straight from the software.


Personalize sales outreach by speaking directly to leads

Using the Dialer to follow up with leads from your GymSales dashboard helps you keep track of where each lead is in your sales funnel. That makes it easier for sales team members to reference the lead’s status, and to then personalize those interactions.


Your sales team can use the Dialer to call leads who:


  • Have shown interest in a tour of your facility
  • Have toured your facility and showed interest in becoming a member
  • Are members and expressed interest in personal training offerings
  • Need to freeze or unfreeze their membership
  • Have shown interested in any special or upsell you’re offering


Based on the lead data in front of you, you can then determine how to guide the conversation toward the next steps in that customer’s journey. Phone calls may also serve to help you and your team address concerns at the facility.

Automatically record calls for quality assurance

The GymSales dialer allows you to record calls for quality assurance purposes. This helps to keep your sales team accountable for how they conduct their interactions with leads. It also gives you and your management team the information you need to improve your customer service.


Ultimately, recording for quality assurance gives you and your management team the opportunity to analyze your sales team’s performance. You can use the recorded calls for continuous improvement, training, and corrective action.


If you’re experiencing difficulties in your sales process, you can troubleshoot where those issues might be coming from. Then, you can conduct training sessions with your team to help them improve their interactions with leads.


In addition to recording each call, the Dialer automatically transcribes your calls to text. This can save time when analyzing call recordings for quality control. You can go back to review these calls and transcripts at any time.

Improve your sales team’s interactions with leads

Using recorded sales calls to train your team will both personalize the sales process, as well as help your team successfully close more sales. If you appear to have reoccurring problems across the board with certain issues, you can conduct group training. Or, you can work one-on-one with individual team members facing specific challenges in their sales process.


You can use recorded calls from the GymSales dialer to help your team members:


  • Tame overly-aggressive sales tactics
  • Ask more questions regarding the member’s health goals
  • Be more assertive when delivering a pitch
  • Effectively address and mitigate customers’ concerns
  • Confidently guide the member along the sales journey

How to use the GymSales Dialer

When you’ve enabled the Dialer, you can call leads either from the Today tab or their Client Profile.


If you want to call a lead from their Client Profile:

  1. Go to the lead’s profile.
  2. Call their listed phone number by clicking Dial. (This option won’t be available on screen if they haven’t provided a phone number.)
  3. When the lead answers the phone, the system will display call duration at the top of your screen.
  4. End the call by clicking the orange phone button on your screen.
  5. Once you’ve ended the call, the system will automatically identify and record the outcome of a call.



If you want to call a lead from the Today tab:


  1. Identify the follow-up call you want to complete, then click the check box to open the tab.
  2. A pop-up will appear. Click Call, then select the lead’s phone number.
  3. The GymSales Dialer will initiate the call through the dashboard.
  4. When the lead answers the phone, the system will display call duration at the top of your screen.
  5. End the call by clicking the orange phone button on your screen.
  6. Once you’ve ended the call, the system will prompt you to log the call outcome.



Don’t skip logging your calls. Doing so will give you a more accurate glimpse of a lead’s journey within your funnel. It will also help you determine which leads need follow-up calls.

How to Access Your Recorded Calls and Transcripts

If you want to access and review your recorded calls and transcripts, they’re available via the Company Settings tab in your main navigation menu. Here’s how to get to them:


  1. Navigate to Company Settings in the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Click on Calls to review call recordings.
  3. Use the blue Play and Stop icons to listen to recordings.


You can filter calls by Direction (incoming vs. outgoing) or Status (Completed, In Progress, No Answer).



To get to your call transcripts:


  1. Go to the Client Profile whose call you want to review.
  2. Click History. (If a transcript doesn’t show up, refresh your browser.)
  3. Transcripts will appear in the History list.
  4. Click the transcript you would like to review.

Ready to streamline and personalize your sales calls?


The GymSales Dialer is an add-on, premium feature within GymSales. If your interested in learning more about GymSales or adding the dialer to your dashboard, you can reach out to us here.